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Noindex Tag Test


What it is

A critical part of a page's ranking potential is ensuring that it can actually be accessed by Search Engines. The Noindex Tag, when used on pages, tells Search Engines to ignore a page, and can destroy out it's ranking ability. Sometimes these tags are added intentionally for low value pages, but sometimes they are left over unintentionally from a theme or template that has been used on the site, or forgotten to be removed by a developer when a website moves from design and testing to live usage.

How to fix it

If you want the page to rank and it's using a Noindex Tag, you will need to remove the tag from your page's HTML entirely. This may require access to the frontend HTML code, and may need to be done by a developer. If you are using a CMS, you may have an option enabled to prevent indexing of the page, which should be turned off.

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